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The Derek Team has managed and constructed over 4 million square feet of tilt-wall Distribution Centers and various industrial warehouse space for numerous Fortune 500 companies. We understand that speed to market is an important factor to a developer or end-user. We work smart to minimize the Big 3 costs to a project and the owner; time, money and energy, it all equates to lost opportunities and lost revenue.


The Amazon Effect is here to stay.  A broad array of new foods, much of which is perishable, is intended to satisfy the evolving taste of Millennials, the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. The need for making the accessibility of these foods convenient through more sophisticated and economic approaches is driving new requirements for 3PLs, PRW’s and food shippers in both traditional and ‘digital fulfillment’ centers.  


Derek brings the expertise of its senior staff in conjunction with a select list of cold storage professionals to make your project a success. No matter what the size of your project, Derek’s approach to building success is the same. We bring the transparency and accountability owners require from a true partner, who has their best interests in the forefront.


Tilt-up is a shell construction method in which load-bearing concrete wall panels are cast horizontally on-site and then tilted up into position by crane. Once tilted into place, the new walls are ready for the exterior to be finished with a variety of paints, textures, and stains.

The main benefits of tilt-up construction are its efficiency, durability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness.

Tilt-up construction is perfect for a wide variety of structures such as schools, medical offices, movie theaters, office buildings, malls, warehouses, and distribution centers. The Derek Builders team is made up of individuals that have extensive experience in this arena.



As requirements of medical buildings nationwide continue to become more complex, projects require expertise specific to the healthcare industry. Derek provides a commitment to enhancing collaboration and partnering with our healthcare client’s construction projects. The need for superior healthcare facilities reflects the ever-growing expectations of a more informed patient.

The Derek Team has staff members who lived within the healthcare world by managing the day to day operations of one of Phoenix’s largest healthcare providers.

Having real-world experience on our team helps us to understand our client’s requirements along with guiding them through the process to a successful project.

Healthcare Clinic
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